Run or Dye 5k – April 06, 2013


Published on January 6th, 2013

Run or Dye – San Diego 2013!

Run or Dye registration is now open in San Diego! This means the center of the Color Universe™ will be Qualcomm Stadium in San Diego, and it is happening on April 6th, 2013 at 9 AM! Spots are filling up fast so don’t wait – Register for San Diego Now

How does Run or Dye work?

Run or Dye™ is fun for everyone no matter your age or fitness level. The action takes place right smack in the middle of a big color festival we fondly call the Dye Zone™. Throughout the event we’ll be cranking the tunes, giving away color and prizes, and rocking out while we all toss more color around the Dye Zone than you’ve ever seen. Four different Color Courses™ have the START and FINISH in the center of the Dye Zone. You choose which routes to run, in what order, and how often – it is up to you. Each Color Course ranges is from 1 to 1.3 Kilometers all adding up to the Worlds MOST Colorful 5K™!

Every time you complete another Color Course you’ll get dashed and splashed with the color for that course AND you’ll get a chance to go return the favor to your friends in the Dye Zone (think of a crazy pillow fight with color instead of feathers). Wear the color like a badge of honor and hurry back so you don’t miss the chance to dust your pals with that handful of purple goodness. The best part is that the Color never stops coming!

When you have completed the Craziest Colored Course in history you will have accomplished something worthy of celebration: You have Dyed Running™ , and lived to tell the tale! (and you’ll have the crazy photos to prove it – and make the memories last a lifetime)



We are currently seeking Charities and / or sponsors to work with for this event. Contact Us for more info.


We can never get enough help so please Volunteer Now!

Run or Dye™ SAN DIEGO Pricing:

TEAM REGISTRATION (4 or more participants)
$40 per person
$45 per person (Regular pricing begins January 31, 2013)

$45 per person
$50 per person (Regular pricing begins January 31, 2013)

NOTE: Each member of your team must register before the event sells out. Creating a team will not guarantee a spot for the members of your team until they have registered!

Sounds CRAZY! Tell me more…Run or Dye Participants having fun
Each one of our 4 routes is assigned a different color. The pink route, the blue, the green and the purple route, yada yada. The START and FINISH line for every route is right in the center of the Dye Zone™! You’ll walk, run or skip each route and then return through the finish line into a cloud of delicious color – rendering you as beautiful as you started, but a lot more colorful. Our dyes are safe to eat, mix in water and drink, or use as shampoo (a common occurrence at Run or Dye) – but the number 1 recommended activity is THROW IT AT YOUR FRIENDS!


Observe the Dye Zone™ The very middle of the Dye Zone is a free for all. Everywhere else you should observe the rule that you only throw color at the people you know and love.
Don’t worry – be Happy! Run or Dye Staff have been specially trained to administer Random Acts of Color™ anywhere in the Dye Zone (Hint: Dancing like a maniac while begging for color will notify our specially trained Staff that you might want some color. We are also trained to recognize the uncomfortable hand up, the shrinking away, or the looking around for your friends as body language intended to convey “not right this second”)
You are your own canvas™ – Wear white to show off the color in its brightest fashion – or get as crazy as you wanna be getting decked out from head to toe in costumes, old wedding dresses – or those snakeskin pajamas… we don’t discriminate!

So what are you waiting for? Take that leap into living life in full color NOW and SIGN UP for Run or Dye Now!



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