6 Ways to Ease Your Stress in San Diego


Published on July 12th, 2013

We live in one of the best cities in the world! Sunny, San Diego! Life is supposed to be filled with sunshine and beaches, right? For the most part that comes with the territory of paradise but we also work in paradise, commute to work in paradise, raise our children in paradise and have normal life stresses just like other Americans not living in paradise. The good news is we live next to free instant natural stress relievers others do not!
concert-in-the-park1. Let the Music Notes Carry Your Stress Away
Concerts in the park are in season right now and are a great way to enjoy free entertainment with your family and friends. Music has been shown to have great stress relief qualities! Music is great to use as either a distraction to boost your mood or as a way to explore your feelings. Try playing background music at work or if you find yourself in silence thinking through your long to-do list or if a stressful thought is on repeat in your mind, turn on the music! When you are doing your Saturday morning cleaning, turn off the tube and turn up the jams! This makes for a more enjoyable atmosphere to hunt dust bunnies and get your hips moving! Studies also show calming music before bed time promotes a more restful and peaceful sleep.

Here are a few local SD musical outings to pick from to reduce stress! Check back on our site each day to see what is happening that day!
Twilight in the Park Summer Concert Series
University Heights Summer in the Park Concert Series
North Park Concerts at Bird Park

ocean-san-diego2. Let the Ocean Waves Wash Away Your Stress
Take a nap on the beach, walk along it or simply watch the waves. The beach has such a powerful way of calming you down the second you step foot on the sand. There are numerous studies that are going on currently researching on how surfing and paddleboarding can lift spirits and ease symptoms of depression. Anyone who has had a bad day and gone on a walk along the wet sand and watched the sunset can tell you it’s just the right medicine. We have lots of amazing beaches, visit a different one each week and breathe.

Tip: Did you have a stressful day at work? Skip the exit home and keep driving until you hit a beach. Kick off your work shoes and walk through the sand if just for a few minutes! You will be renewed and able to enter your home with a positive state of mind!

painting3. Let Your Creative Mind Silence Your Stress
It’s very hard for stress and creativity to live in the same space. So grab your journal, paints, sewing machine, scrapbook or whatever project you have been sitting on and not finished! Don’t have a project laying around?  Find a Mom, they have about 20 laying around at any given time. Kidding, Kind of. Either way, if you need inspiration go to a craft store and get inspired or visit my guilty pleasure, the P word, yes Pinterest.

I have heard great things about the newest thing in girls nights out, Painting and Wine!  Apparently you don’t have to have any talent in the paining department to walk away with a masterpiece that YOU created. I found a company that does them here in San Diego. Grab your gal pals and check out Painting & Vino!

Volunteer-San-Diego4. Let Giving Calm Your Stress
No matter what is going on in your life, volunteering will always gives you a renewed outlook and makes me feel more grateful. There are lots of great organizations to volunteer for in SD. You can look at the places you frequent the most first such as a church, school or your local neighborhood.  Or if you are a pet lover look at volunteering with local animal shelters! Here are some great resources for volunteering:

City of San Diego Volunteer Program
Animal Center of San Diego
San Diego Habitat for Humanity

hiking5. Let Fresh Air Whisk Away Your Stress
Feeling like the walls are closing in on you at work or home? Getting cabin fever? The best medicine could be just getting out of the house and walking/breathing in the fresh air! Don’t wait until the weekend to take advantage of the beautiful scenery of San Diego! San Diego has amazing parks, hiking trails and other outdoor activities every day to help renew your spirit!

Hiking in San Diego
Morning Yoga Japanese Garden
Mission Regional Guided Walk

laughter6. Let Laughing Push Away Your Stress
People see noticeable change and are more attractive to others when we are happy! Your body language changes, your facial expressions change, and your body on the inside lightens up too! Laughter increases pulse and sends more oxygen to our tissues.

Laughter is essential to easing stress physically and psychologically. Head on downtown to The American Comedy Company for some great laughs!



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