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Published on November 20th, 2013

Not the hardcore workout type? Feel more comfortable exercising your creative mind than a barbell? We hear you!

There are ways for the creatives to get out from behind their photoshop program and get active. We affectionately call it Active Art.


By working out your creative side you also get a big dose of adventure! From hiking to your favorite spot to painting a breathtaking view your adventure will begin here in San Diego as you get out, get active, and create!


Having a stressful day at the office? Are the creative juices just not free flowing like usual? Whatever your creative block may be, getting out and getting active will bring you peace in the beauty that is our city. The view and the sound of the waves can help aid in easing stress and anxiety. This leaves you feeling more refreshed and frees up room in your creativity cup.


This is definitely a bonus for your new creative adventure and relaxation. By getting out and getting active you will get sunlight, fresh air, exposure to new healthy foods, and burn a few calories all while exercising your creative muscles.

Active Artists: Painter Randy Riccoboni “RD” & Photographer Josh Mcnair

We found two artists, one photographer and one painter, that get out in San Diego and definitely exercise their creative muscles!

I found Randy Riccoboni or “RD” on Instagram. I stopped dead in my Instagram scrolling tracks once I saw a painting he posted. ¬†I thought, “What a beautiful picture he took”, ONLY to find out it was NOT a picture but a work of art that he painted! These¬†vibrant and beautiful paintings capture the true beauty of San Diego! His work showcases the amazing city of San Diego in its architecture, landmarks, neighborhoods and more. His paintings capture the great San Diego vibe and character from Old Town, Balboa Park, Mission San Diego de Alcala, La Jolla, Downtown and Point Loma! Chances are he has painted one of your faves.

You can see his work showcased at Beacon Artworks Gallery inside Fiesta De Reyes at Old Town San Diego State Historic Park. Get out and treat yourself to a new adventure and eye candy as you view his work!


A photographer that defenitely gets out and practices Active Art is Josh Mcnair. Josh has a great blog California Through My that is as he beautifully describes it, ‘A love letter and photo guide to the state of California’. This blog is entirely dedicated to the great state of California and all of the wonderful beauty it has to offer to the photographer and traveler. From the snow capped mountains over 14,000 feet, thousands of miles of beaches, historical landmarks up and down the state and even some of the weirdest structures man has created, Josh is out exploring it all!


Visit both of these active artists websites for more breathtaking pictures and beautiful paintings. After you get inspired by them go out and make your own Active Art!

Cover Photo: Randy Riccoboni’s Painting “California Bell Tower” & Josh Mcnair’s “Start of Sunset Cliffs” Photo
Graphics: SD Healthy Living



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