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Published on August 26th, 2013

We’ve all been there.

You know the feeling.

You’ve been hitting the gym hard. Crushing your workouts. You’ve got your diet perfectly dialed in. Feeling strong, making gains and seeing results!

And then, the inevitable happens. A business trip, a vacation or – brace yourselves – the holidays. You already know there will be limited time to workout, and less-than-quality food available while you’re traveling. For most of us, there’s no way to avoid hopping on a plane (or a car) and going far, far away, leaving behind your perfectly balanced fitness regimen and all of those sweet, sweet gains.

But you don’t have to take it lying down, my friends. Coach Doug with CrossFit Go Time is here to help.


Let’s assume that you will have no access to any barbells or plates. Assume you’ll be limited to the equipment available to you in the hotel fitness center, or no equipment at all. No excuses: a few simple tools tossed into your travel bag, and you’re in business. I never travel anywhere without a jump rope and a pair of running shoes.

With no access to standard gym equipment, you must accept that you won’t be following your normal workout routine at the box or gym. In this regard, you won’t be making any gains on your back squat or bench press, however: If we can’t gain, we surely can sustain. Grab whatever gear you can get your hands on, or just clear a space in your hotel room and get to work!

The template for your travel workout is do as much as possible with what you have in front of you. I’m talking short durations, high volume, and high intensity. Whether you have weights available or not, focus on workouts that do 3 things:

1. Work as many major muscle groups as possible

2. Get your heart rate up…way up.

3. Are time-efficient.

What about your travel diet? Go for lean cuts of chicken, seafood, pork or beef with sides of baked or steamed vegetables.

If you must eat at the airport, we recommend sticking to an “eat this, not that” approach to your food choices while you’re traveling. a grilled chicken wrap is a better choice than that double bacon & cheese burger. And delicious salads are available everywhere! Remember to go easy on the high-calorie dressings.

Once you arrive at your hotel, you can eat half of your steak dinner and save the rest in your mini fridge for breakfast, to be eaten along with a room service egg white omelette. Packing Paleo-friendly snacks, such as almonds, turkey jerky or dried fruit in small amounts, will also help keep your diet in check.

Here are some examples of workouts that are ideal while traveling. When performed correctly – as fast as humanly possible with little to no rest – they are time-efficient, brutally intense, highly effective, and can be done anywhere!


Coach Doug demonstrates the hollow rocks: lay on your back with your arms and legs together. Raise both arms and legs, and rock back and forth.


Anywhere, Anytime WODs

Wods = Workout Of The Day

10 Rounds for time:
10 Situps
10 Burpees
5 Rounds: 1 Minute max reps each exercise
Towel Rows*
Air Squats
Hollow Rocks or The Hundreds (a Pilates move)

(Rest 1 minute between rounds)

*Towel Row – Loop a tightly-rolled towel over both knobs of an open door & grip the ends tightly. Stand with your toes touching the door (or stand very close to the door) & sit back into a “chair pose” with your legs, fully extending your arms. Remain in this position as you pull your elbows back and your shoulder blades together just as you would for a bent-over row. Hold the squat for the entire set.

The Hundreds: Back in neutral spine, palms forward, breathe as if you were drinking through a straw as your palms gently slap the floor in a rhythm.

For Time:

100 Jumping Jacks
75 Air Squats
50 Pushups
25 Burpees

Hotel Fitness Center WODs

5 Rounds:

10 Dumbbell Deadlifts
10 Dumbbell & Presses
10 Dumbbell Bent-over rows
10 Jumping Shrugs
Jog 400m on treadmill

Attempt to complete the entire complex without dropping the dumbbells! Do not run with dumbbells on the treadmill.

Every minute on the minute for 20 Minutes:

5 Dumbbell Hang Squat-Clean & Push Press
5 Burpees





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