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Published on April 16th, 2013

Are you always trying to find something to eat that is quick, convenient, and healthy?

Often times we hear people talking about what to eat or where they should go to fuel their bodies with the proper nutrients to maintain their on-the-go lifestyle.

Most people will take the easy way out and choose the quick and easy foods that usually offer little to no nutritional value or nutrients for our bodies.

Our bodies need to absorb the right amount of fruits, vegetables, proteins, calcium, and a little bit of healthy fats in order to function properly.

One of the main nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the body, is protein. The proteins that we consume provide our body with amino acids, which are necessary for building muscle, tissue, and blood.

There are many health benefits that come with incorporating protein into your lifestyle. Listed below are a few benefits of eating protein.

Repairs Your Body’s Foundation
Helps with muscle and tissue repair. In the body, there are cells and tissues that consist of proteins to help form muscle, skin, and organs. If your tissue is damaged, the protein is the source to help repair it.

Maintains the Common Grounds
Keeps your heart and muscles in shape. When you consume protein, you are fueling the body with amino acids which your body needs to perform properly, especially if you exercise on a regular basis. This helps grow the heart and other key muscles.

Strengthens your Security System
Helps build your immune system. Your immune system is what protects you from bacteria and viruses. When your body takes in different proteins, these proteins work with the cells to make sure your organs and cells are working properly.
One way to be sure you get the proper health benefits of protein is by adding a protein shake to your healthy lifestyle. Protein shakes contain various vitamins that help fuel your body and give it energy.

You can find a variety of protein shakes at an excellent place called ‘Shake Smart’ located right on the SDSU campus. Their menu offers a wide range of nutritional shakes and healthy options that will have you craving and wanting to go back for more.

Whether you are looking for a nutritional protein shake, a perfect meal replacement, or simply just looking to get your daily nutrients, Shake Smart satisfies all the health demands of any body!

Not only are their shakes convenient, affordable, and taste great but the owners are super friendly, driven, and motivated to help meet health needs and fitness goals for every BODY!



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