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Published on January 23rd, 2013

Feeling spicy? I stopped in Fresh ‘n Easy for one item and walked out with an entire meal! Grab the items below, ground some meat and start filling your corn tortillas! We had the guac and black bean dip as an appetizer. We also loaded our little burritos with it for some delicious toppings. To be honest, Fresh ‘n Easy’s salsa is pretty dull. If you have another one you like that will add zing to your burritos then stick with that. I bought the Tequila Agave Fresh ‘n Easy salsa and was not impressed at all.

F’n Easy – Hamburger Meat
F’n Easy – Corn Tortilla’s
F’n Easy – Iceberg Lettuce
F’n Easy – Corn Tortillas
F’n Easy – Guacamole
F’n Easy – Cuban Black Bean Dip
F’n Easy – Salsa – Not a fan of their brand salsa so if you have something else in the fridge, skip this.

Simple, first ground meat and add spices. I like Garlic Salt and Cumin. I also, recommend Tony’s seasoning, it’s like a cold beer on a hot day, you can’t really go wrong. Heat up corn tortillas in a damp paper towel in the microwave for 45 seconds per five stack. Add the meat, lettuce and cheese for a base and allow the family to add the extra goodies.



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