If Cavemen Couldn’t Eat It, Neither Should You


Published on March 27th, 2013

A normal breakfast in today’s society consists of breads, cereals, donuts, and muffins. If you look at the nutritional (and we use this word loosely here) value of these foods you will find that they are processed, high in carbs, sugars, and calories. This is not how the caveman ate.

Our genetics haven’t changed that much since our less hygienic, knuckle dragging ancestors roamed the earth. They survived as hunters and gatherers living in a less complicated and chemically processed world. What has changed it the fast “food” (again we use this word loosely here) stops on each corner and OUR diets.

Can you imagine the average caveman with a beer gut? Poor health related diseases? Quite the opposite, they boasted a diet consisting of nuts, meat and vegetables, eating only at the purest organic levels that we may never have the good fortune to enjoy.

Today, the average American is overweight, out of shape, stressed out and dying from several preventable diseases. Diseases that are caused by the food that should be nourishing our body but because the market is becoming so saturated by chemicals and processed foods these diseases are on the rise.

People are now considering the newest “trend” (again we use this word loosely – this “trend” has been around since the cavemen) in healthy eating. The Paleo diet! Eating Paleo is an effort to go back to eating how we’re biologically designed. No grains. No sugars. No processed foods. Actually eating things are body can process! By eliminating these ingredients it could help prevent bloating, lack of energy and other health related factors.

What do you have to lose? Bad health, extra pounds?

Okay, so what are people eating that is considered to be a Paleo? Below are a few options for Paleo eaters.

• Meat-Grass-fed, not grain-fed.
• Fish – Wild fish, as mercury and other toxins can be an issue in farmed fish.
• Eggs – Look for Omega-3 enriched eggs.
• Vegetables – broccoli, cauliflower, kale, spinach. Eat as many as you want.
• Oils – Olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil.
• Fruits – Have natural sugar, and can be higher in calories, so be careful if trying to lose weight.
• Nuts – High in calories, so they’re good for a snack, don’t eat too many.
• Tubers – Sweet potatoes and yams. Higher in calories and carbs, so these are good for after a workout.

Good Rule of Thumb: Anything we can hunt or find such as meats, fish, nuts, leafy greens, veggies, and seeds would be considered Paleo.

A local business, Paleo Treats has exactly what you are looking for. This Paleo friendly business is focused on selling “healthy” cookies to those trying to eat healthier and more like caveman.

Be sure to check out the delicious variety of Paleo friendly cookies and desserts made and created by some of SoCal’s finest hunters and gatherers. Not only is the staff at Paleo Treats friendly, but they also live an active healthy lifestyle by enjoying hiking, surfing and gardening.

You can find these treats at local health stores, San Diego Cross Fit Gyms, and on the Paleo Treats website.



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