Make Your Next Caffeine Run a Healthy One


Published on March 13th, 2013

When walking into a coffee shop, you have a ton of tasty choices from pastries to smoothies, mochas, or iced coffee. Coffee shop days of pastries and fatty foods are dwindling. Coffee shops are offering more healthy delicious foods by the day. However, the fatty and equally delicious foods do still exist. Here are a few easy tips to aid you in your next coffee shop run and help you order something healthy that doesn’t destroy your health goals.

Beyond all the caffeine and hidden sources of fat and calories at coffee shops, we have included a list of better-for-you options.

Check out the tips below if you want to avoid extra calories when walking into your next coffee shop.

Become your own Barista!
Most of the drinks served at coffee shops are made from mixes that have a large amount of fat and calories. Get your drink plain and add healthy amounts of almond milk, coconut milk or stevia. Top it off with ground chocolate or cinnamon. Drinking black coffee and adding the extras yourself will help you eliminate fillers and unneeded calories.

Trade Up for Tea
Studies have shown that tea has more positive health benefits than coffee. For example, tea hydrates you more than its rival coffee. Studies have also shown that drinking coffee can increase your heart rate while drinking 3-4 cups of tea a day can reduce your risk for a heart attack.

Sharing is Caring
Do you really need the extra calories? When ordering coffee, pastries or food, it’s best to stick to the smaller portions. Less calories, less fat and less expensive. Order the smallest size or share with a friend to benefit your body and your wallet!

Seek Out The Good Stuff
A healthy option when eating out at a coffee shop is to look for foods that are high in protein, fiber and good fat. How about a hearty healthy spinach salad with pecans, light olive oil and a sprinkle of black pepper. Look for foods with protein, fiber and good fat when ordering at any coffee shop.

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