Margarita Madness: Healthier Margarita Choices


Published on February 22nd, 2013

There is no doubt if you have a Facebook account then you know it is National Margarita Day!  Your friends have been posting this holiday all over their walls all morning in anticipation of the end of the work day and the work week.  We do believe you need to treat yourself in moderation every now and then so go ahead, have a margarita but read this first as a guide for National Margarita Day.

Regardless, if you are celebrating this holiday at home tonight or at a bar here are some tips on what to buy and what questions to ask the bartender.

We know it adds time to your grocery outing but you only have to read the label once to know if it is up to the standard of going in your body and you should have standards. We want the best products for our cars, our homes so why don’t we compare when it comes to what goes into our body.   Once you know what products are safe and which aren’t your grocery trips do become shorter, we promise.  This is very important when searching out drink mixers.  Alarming percentages of drink mixers are loaded to the brim with high fructose corn syrup.  Please take the time to read the label, your body will thank you.

If you are celebrating out at a restaurant today know what questions to ask.  Never be afraid to ask a waiter or bartender.  Chances are they know the ingredients already and will be happy to assist.

  1. What type of mix do you use?  Does it contain high fructose corn syrup?
  2. What sweeter do you use?
  3. What type of tequila are you using?

You will want to stay away from any cheap liquor, high fructose corn syrup mixers and artificial sweeteners.  So you pay a few more bucks for the top shelf.  What’s that compared to how you may feel in the morning if you opt for a cheaper drink loaded with toxins.  When it comes to drinks, top shelf is always best.

If you are still on the fence about where to celebrate National Margarita Day you should try Playa Grill & Margarita Bar.  General Manager, Beth Centlivre, showcases a wide variety of margaritas.  None of the top shelf margaritas have high fructose corn syrup and they are all made with fresh squeezed fruit.  The top shelf margarita’s use agave nectar as the sweetener!  You couldn’t ask for a better combination in a margarita!

Here are two straight off the menu that look amazing!  Go try one tonight and then come back and tell us how you liked it!


Herradura Silver tequila, Cointreau, organic Azunia agave nectar, fresh squeezed lemon, lime and orange


 Blueberry infused Cuervo Tradicional, Grand Marnier, agave nectar, fresh squeezed fruit

Don’t forget to drink responsibly!  No joke.



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