Don’t become an office Chair Potato!


Published on April 7th, 2013

We all have the one co-worker, while meaning well, brings in devilish pastries weekly. Even though we’ve told our co-workers we are eating healthy we sneak a pastry anyway. Guilt. The smile on your face says you are too. That’s okay on a very occasional basis but we need to tackle the bigger day-to-day battle of fighting the office chair potato syndrome.

Our mind needs healthy food to ward off low attention, fatigue, stress and other mental related work killers just as much as our bodies. Just like our bodies need to be physically prepared by the foods we eat to ward off obesity, sickness and be less prone to physical injuries our food prepares our mind intellectually as well.

SD Healthy Living believes eating at work is extremely important especially because we are docile most of the day and not to mention those temptations of your well meaning co-workers that shower you with fatty, sugar filled goodies. Here are some tips to avoid becoming the Office Chair Potato.

Your Fired!: Common Eating Mistakes at Work

• Skipping breakfast
• Skipping lunch
• Eating sugary snacks from your “snack” drawer
• Drinking too much coffee or energy drinks instead of fueling on vitamins and sleep.
• Skipping eating all together
• Skipping drinking anything except your coffee

Promotion & A Raise!: Tips for Eating Healthy & Saving Money

• Opposite of everything above!
• Snacking on healthy snacks in between meals: Nuts, cheese, fruits
• Ask for healthy food in the vending machine.
• Eat lunch at your desk and then use your lunch break to go for a walk!
• Plan the food that you want to eat and pack lunch, healthy snacks and water.
• Pack your lunch, saving money and unneeded calories.
• Get your co-workers on board! Peer pressure isn’t always negative!

One of the biggest temptations at any work place is the vending machine. It is generally loaded with “food” high in fat, calories, salt and more. Appleseed Vending is a new vending revolution! Appleseed Vending offers fun, HEALTHY, vending machines for any office place.

They are a healthy option vending machine company based out of San Diego, California. They fill their well designed refrigerated machines with organic snacks, gluten-free snacks, soy free snacks, soy based snacks, dairy free, nut free, vegan and vegetarian snacks. As for beverages and other snacks they have coconut water never from concentrate, all natural juices, drinks with aloe, natural sodas, water with high pH content as well as organic gummies, organic chocolate peanut butter cups and even tuna and crackers.

Encourage your office to eat healthy. Visit Appleseed Vending to find out more.



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