How to Maintain a Picture Perfect Health


Published on March 28th, 2013

Really Picture What You Eat

Paying attention to what we consume in our bodies shouldn’t be just about weight. Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals to maintain healthy bones, skin, hair and overall blood flow.

In today’s society, advertisements and marketers make it very difficult for us to eat a well-balanced and healthy meal. From food commercial ads to food billboard ads, we are reminded on a daily basis to consume unhealthy foods.

Most of our foods are processed and made with chemical preservatives that do great harm to our bodies. Instead of picturing a burger, picture what you are really eating, fat, sugar, processed “food”.

What can we do to create a healthier picture and prevent this?

SD Healthy Living believes that eating more real foods with simple ingredients that aren’t processed or have preservatives will help. Below we have listed a few tips to help guide you to eat healthier and better.

Add Green to Your Perfect Picture

Eating more leafy, green and whole food plants. This is said to help prevent diseases, inflammation, anxiety, and depression. Read the labels. The less-processed foods the better off you are. Include super foods which are packed with the most nutrients and they also have high amounts of flavonoids. One of the most important super foods is spinach. It has more than 100% of vitamins K and A.

Create Your Perfect Picture Locally

Get your foods locally, not only are you supporting the local farmers, but you can also ask your farmer how they grow their foods.
For most people, growing up as a kid was very hard to understand how important it is to get the proper nutrients that our bodies need. As we grow older, our bodies need the right amount of nutrients to function properly. By eating and adding more real foods will provide you with nutrients to help you feel more energized throughout the day.

A local business, Perfect Foods Bar believes that good health begins with eating right. This family owned business described that eating natural foods was not a problem in their household, because their dad would experiment in the kitchen and grind up natural food supplements into healthy tasty concoctions.

As years progressed their dad created The Perfect Foods Bar containing delicious wholesome real foods, which are great tasting and don’t have any added chemical preservatives.

Not only does this bar have over 20 nutrient dense organic whole foods, but it is also filled with vegetables such as tomato, bell pepper, alfalfa, and celery. This on-the-go bar is PERFECT for all the nutrient and minerals your body needs. You can greatly improve your odds of creating a perfect picture of health if you keep on hand a “Perfect Foods Bar.”



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