Pizza Your Family Won’t Suspect Is Healthy & Gluten-Free!


Published on June 14th, 2013

We found a place where you can bring the entire family and eat healthy without the significant other or kiddos figuring it out!

Woodstock's-Pizza-Pacific-BeachThe scenery is great and the vibe makes it even better! The veggies are cut fresh off the vine (and we mean that – no factory fresh veggies here. It’s real California fresh!) and you can throw it all on a tasty gluten-free layer of crust!

You can find it all and more at your San Diego based Woodstock’s Pizza!

Okay, SD Healthy Living, what are the top five reasons I should put down my greasy pizza and go to Woodstock’s? You got it!

#5 – Besides the obvious reference in the last sentence they boast a full menu of awesome fresh salads including a full organic salad!

Woodstock's-Gluten-Free-Pizza#4 – Rockin’ events at each location! Woodstock’s schedule of events:

Pacific Beach – 1221 Garnet Ave (next to Trader Joe’s):
Thursday is Trivia Night
Friday is Pint Night

SDSU – 6145 El Cajon Blvd:
Tuesday is Trivia Night
Thursday is Pint Night

*Tip for the dating SDSU guys: This is a great place to take your date for a laid back good time and have options she won’t feel guilty about!

#3 – Extreme Customization! They are completely understanding and willing to provide special dietary needs. Besides the bounty of toppings that touch they can make any pizza choice “light” cutting calories but not taste!

#2 – Hop, Skip & a Jump away! With two family friendly SD locations in Pacific Beach and on El Cajon Blvd you’re not far from one of their family owned locations. Grab a bike, a friend or collect a few along the way and enjoy TRUE fresh California pizza!

AND the #1 reason is…even if you order the gluten-free crust, your family won’t know the difference! So go ahead wives, girlfriends and moms – load on the veggies and order it gluten-free! They get a pizza night and you get the satisfaction of blowing their minds when you say it’s gluten-free!

Woodstock's-Pizza-Pacific-BeachWoodstock’s Pizza is family owned and operated here in San Diego. It’s not only about the good food, but they also have a strong commitment to their employees and the community. Woodstock’s regularly partners with local charities and hosts fundraisers at the restaurant. What could be better than enjoying great healthy pizza while giving back at the same time. Woodstock’s staff makes you feel right at home and takes the time to go over the multiple healthy options on the menu. You won’t feel like your healthy eating habits are a burden on them. There staff is truly top of the line and they take pride in your choice to eat healthy!

*Author Choice: Smoked Salmon Salad and the gluten-free pizza with half Woody’s special (load it up with veggies) and the other half BBQ bird. Great stuff! You can see our choice on our Instagram.



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