Pumpkin isn’t just for pies!


Published on March 13th, 2013

The things you can do to beautify your skin are remarkably similar to what you can do to help strengthen your heart, watch your weight, and live a happier more fulfilling life.

Your overall lifestyle and what you eat are two big factors that can improve your skin tone so make sure to get regular exercise, sleep enough, and eat a well-balanced meal.

So what are you looking for when it comes to skin diets?

SD Healthy Living suggests trying brightly colored fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin A, C, K, and E. One particular vegetable to look at if you want to add to your beautiful-skin diet is pumpkin.

Now, pumpkin isn’t just for pies. In addition to the wonderful immune booster, mood enhancer, heart benefits, weight loss, and eye sight improvement this orange vegetable can do wonders for your complexion. This vegetable is not only important for normalizing oily and/or acne skin but it also balances dry skin and helps maintain a fresh and healthy wrinkle-less skin appearance.

A great local spa to visit in San Diego is Lush Spa in Hillcrest. They offer a great pumpkin treatment that introduces the right vitamins, enzymes, and nutrients to give your skin a much healthier and natural glow.

Lush Spa offers facial products that give a good cleaning and cleansing property that helps your skin tremendously making it soft and supple. The ambiance is very welcoming and comforting, not to mention the staff is incredibly informative and helpful.

Lush Spa will have you walking out feeling vibrant, healthier, better and younger about your skin. Be sure to explore all the variety of treatments at Lush Spa on 3969 4th Ave in Hillcrest San Diego, CA 92103.



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