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Published on July 11th, 2013

Wacky advice runs rampant in pop culture. Kate Hudson admitted to training 6 hours a day to get her pre-baby body back. Megan Fox and Fergie are taking daily shots of vinegar. Lady Gaga once Tweeted, “Pop stars should not eat.” Kim Kardashian endorses over-the-counter diet pills.

Ok. First of all, let’s stop putting celebrities, their silly diet fads and time-consuming workout routines on a pedestal. There are no secrets and certainly no shortcuts to being healthy and fit – just clean eating, consistency and hard work. Celebrities are paid to look fit and are able to prioritize large amounts of daily time to staying in shape. Impractical workouts and extreme diets aren’t as hard for celebrities for these reasons. After reading some of your favorite celebrity’s health ‘secrets’, you may feel as if spending hours a day in the gym is the only way to lean out. Simply untrue. Not only is a six hour workout unnecessary to achieve your goals, it wouldn’t fit into a 40 hour+ work schedule.

Lady Gaga’s advice might have you thinking that the secret to weight loss is starvation or bust. Yes, you have to put away the pizza sometimes, but at Go Time Fitness, we would never advise a client to starve themselves or train 6 hours a day. You need to eat, eat clean and eat consistently to keep your metabolism running and create energy needed to train, lose fat, and build muscle. And let’s be real here: Folks are not pleasant when they become ‘hangry’ (that feeling of being hungry and angry at the same time).

Set aside a block of time per day and give your workout maximum effort. For weight loss, we recommend strength training with weights 3-4 times a week, with light cardio for at least half an hour daily. Forget weakening your body with crash diets. Instead, fuel up on clean eats, hit fitness PR’s, and be proud of your hard-earned physique.

Trust me when I say this: You don’t need to be famous or have excessive free time to have an athletic body. With proper knowledge, clean eating (in the right proportions), patience, and dedication, anyone can achieve their desired level of fitness. Most importantly, one must do the work.

Celebrities, with their entourages of personal chefs, nannies, drivers, and trainers, are simply not relatable. Regular folks are the true inspiration – those juggling career and kids, or simply don’t have a lot of time, but still manage to make fitness happen. Most of us have to figure a way to integrate fitness smoothly into our busy lives, since it is not something we are paid to do for several hours a day. How do regular folks make it happen?

Our dedicated clients at Go Time Fitness all start at different athletic levels, but one thing they have figured out is weekly time management. Some clients come in during their lunch breaks (our high intensity workouts are only 8-15 minutes long!). Other clients jump start their day early – our most popular class is the dawn-breaking 6 a.m. class. For worker bees with only minutes to spare before their day begins, doing HIIT (high intensity interval training) with sprints in front of their homes are timely and effective. Try doing 12 intervals of 30 second sprints and 1 minute walk/jogs.

We also have dedicated clients who are brand new parents. They take turns babysitting over two workout sessions: One parent works out while the other parent watches the child, then they switch at the next class. Cardio-loving parents can invest in a quality jogger and not miss a beat on running at the park. You could also find inexpensive day-care services at your local “Globo Gym”, or sign up for a family-friendly outdoor bootcamp at your local park (hello, Go Time!) and bring the entire family for a session.

Everyday people are living proof that you don’t need the fancy gyms, trendy cleanses and gimmicks to look and feel like a million bucks.

Here are a few examples of real life inspirations. These folks stay busy juggling their careers, family, passions and hobbies, but keep health and fitness at the top of their priorities.

Anthony SandovalSan Diego resident Anthony Sandoval is a devoted single dad, gainfully employed and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. His daughter Breanna, 8, accompanies him to the gym and enjoys their weekly father-daughter rock climbing sessions. Anthony maintains his physique by strength training several times a week with minimal cardio (20 minutes of fasted cardio sprint intervals in the morning, or 15 minutes of high intensity interval training on the Stairmaster before heavy lifting). Nutritional habits come first for Anthony – he eats for function and focuses on clean eating, portion control and meal frequency.


Van Tran (cover photo) of San Diego is a self-employed, single mother of 2 young boys. She lost her baby weight and stays fit by strength training at home 3 times a week with dumbbells, and light cardio daily. While breaks are rare for a busy entrepreneur like Van, she doesn’t skip any opportunities to get her sweat on (whether it’s running the stairs in her home, going for a morning jog before her kids leave for school, or using spare moments to drop down for a burpee frenzy). Van is living proof that “I Don’t Have Time” is the new “The Dog Ate My Homework“.


Jill HardwickJill Hardwick of Huntington Beach is the hardworking young owner of a Pilates company. In addition to teaching multiple Pilates classes six days a week, she makes time for her own exercise routine. Jill waits until before or after her coaching sessions to work out, integrating circuit training with her beloved routine of cycling as well as running. She recently cycled 545 miles to raise $10,000+ for the AIDS/LifeCycle nonprofit organization. Jill maintains her figure by eating as clean and green as possible, so a few days off from exercise here and there wouldn’t put a dent in her athletic physique.

Show us your real people fitness inspirations here in San Diego! #sdhlrealpeople @sdhealthyliving


Audrey is one of our newest fitness contributing authors.  To learn more about Audrey and all she and the Go Time Fitness crew  can offer you in the wonderful world of fitness visit Go Time Fitness.



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