Reluctant Runners Series #5: The Wisdom of Salmon


Published on August 7th, 2013

I’m a NY gal, born and raised in the suburbs of Long Island.  So you would think  that 1) I wouldn’t have too much to say on the topic of wildlife and 2) I would be the last person to attempt to make a wildlife analogy about running.  But, in a strange twist of fate, my sister ended up married to a guy raised in the Alaskan woods, and now lives in the 49th state on a small island that has a low probability of seeing the sun in winter and a high probably of getting up close and personal with bears.  She and her husband are both avid fishers, so when I was there the other summer I learned a thing or two about salmon.

salmon-fitnessI got to spend a fair amount of time watching salmon in their frantic upstream battle, and I came to the conclusion that salmon have the right idea.  Not the  “lets struggle as hard as we can to reach a place to spawn and die” part, but the sticking together part.  You see, salmon don’t try to take on this epic task themselves.  They embark on their journey with countless other salmon, which is coincidentally called a salmon run.   As reluctant runners, getting out there and maintaining a fitness routine can sometimes feel like swimming upstream.  It’s a lot of effort and the rewards seem minimal.  So maybe we need to stop trying to do it on our own.  Maybe we need to take a lesson from the salmon and recognize that hard things are sometimes best accomplished in the company of others who are attempting the same struggle.  So call a friend, join a group, and connect with others on the same journey.

Think like a salmon, tackle the challenge, and have fun!

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