Say “I Do” to the Warm-up


Published on July 6th, 2013

Do you have a limited time to workout and save time by skipping a warm-up/stretching? Do you justify it by the “Its never hurt me before.” Well, you’re not the one only one that has commitment issues and can’t say “I do” to their warm-up/stretching.

Its boring and nagy:

We can all get a little anxious before our workout. We want to get it over with, feel the burn and just get going! We understand the warm-up can be boring. So, don’t wait until your workout to put your motivating tunes on!

Yes, we admit, the old ball and chain is a bit nagy. However, it is nagy out of love. The warm-up/stretching increases your heart race and improves circulation to muscles, tendons and ligaments! All of which are going to need the extra help during your workout. Your body needs to be warmed up before. Warm muscles tend to stretch and recover were cold hard muscles tend to injure more frequently.

It doesn’t put out like it did when I first said, “I Do”:

When you first started your work out routine you most likely warmed up/stretched before hand, being cautious and weary of not hurting your body. After years of continued workouts your warm-ups began to be less and less often, right?

You may be one of the lucky few that hasn’t had a tear or pulled muscle and if you aren’t in that lucky group do you think warming up/stretching might have prevented it? If you said no, you’re in denial – said in the nicest tone possible. 🙂

Warming-up/Stretching isn’t a cure all for injury however, it WILL cut your likelihood of injury down drastically. So, get back into your warm-up/stretching routine and get the most out of our work-out. It’s best to spend a few minutes in warm-up than days, weeks or worse out due to an injury.

It drives me mental:

Yes, it does! Warm-up exercises will get you mentally prepared for the long run or the tough lift ahead. Your body does experience stress during a workout and being mentally prepared can keep you from filing papers and walking away.

Take the challenge to recommit to your warm-up and stretching routine before working out. It may be nagy at times or drive you mental but it wants you to be safe and healthy.

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