Simple Meals to Boost Productivity


Published on May 21st, 2013

We are all to familiar with the foods that bring us down physically and mentally but what foods will boost my mental health? I know what doesn’t, so tell me what does! We have you covered. Below are several foods that will boost your mental well being.

Try a combination of yogurt and fresh berries. Yogurt is packed with protein, minerals and probiotics that aid in digestion and those fresh berries will keep your brain cells youthful. Together, you have a morning combination for a great day.

*Make sure to pick up a yogurt that does NOT have high fructose corn syrup.

Another healthy way to start your productive day off right would be to have eggs along with the brain boosting yogurt/berry combination. Eggs have a fat that resembles Vitamin B in your body. Vitamin B supports memory, recollection and response time. So, one question is left…sunny side up or scrambled?

Also, try trading in your morning coffee for hot cocoa. Cocoa antioxidants are powerful and help protect your brain cells.

For lunch, try a dark leafy salad, besides being great for your waist line they are jam packed with vitamins and minerals! Dark leafy salads will help bring more oxygen to the brain improving cognitive control.

*Be mindful of the dressing you add, look at ingredients to steer away from sugars and high fructose corn syrup and double check the calories, you would be surprised how quickly a 100 calorie salad can turn into much more!

Walnuts are very rich in oils that improve brain function.

Go ahead, break out the dark chocolate! Like the cup of cocoa, dark chocolate contains antioxidants and increases endorphin’s, improving focus and clarity!

Not a dark chocolate lover, his lighter brother milk chocolate will help your visual memory and heighten your reaction time.

Grab salmon and eggplant for a great meal. Salmon has omega-3’s, B-Vitamins and iron that work together to improve recall, reasoning, focus and memory. Have eggplant as your side and it will aid in keeping the communication lines between you brain cells open and ready for duty!

Having Mexican tonight? Incorporate avocados and brown rice. Avocados keep brain cell membranes youthful and brown rice is packed with vitamins and magnesium which improves your overall brain health.



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