The Power of Cuddling


Published on October 16th, 2013

Cuddling has been proven to be an amazing health boosting activity. The benefits for affectionate cuddle time with our romantic relationships, child relationships, and our furry companions are numerous! Bonds grow stronger, stress and anxiety melt away and both partners, human or our furry friends, overall health takes a nice step up during these positive cuddle sessions.


Cuddling is just as important as working out daily!


Yes, I said it, just as important! Cuddling does amazing things for your mental well being, building relationships and releasing stress that workouts just can’t do and vice versa sweating it out offers health benefits that cuddling just can’t offer either. What a great addition to add to your daily health routine!

Powers you will instantly feel when you cuddle up.

  • The Power of the Cuddle
    Cuddling releases two powerful things into your body, oxytocin and endorphins. While they are different they both give you a warm and fuzzy feeling leaving you with a natural high!
  • The Power of Sexy Time
    Being close to your partner with body to body contact more times than not can lead to some sexy time! Dopamine, a hormone that enhances sexual desire, is released when you cuddle and the next thing you know your clothes are coming off!
  • The Power of Closeness
    Not feeling heard? He/She just doesn’t understand you? Well, then get to cuddling! Yes, verbal communication is the most logical form of communication but give cuddling a try. Non spoken communication is very powerful and brings peace and calmness to a situation and relationship.
  • The Power of Less Stress
    Cuddling which as we stated earlier releases oxytocin which results in you feeling good almost instantly! This feel good high also promotes higher self-esteem and reduces the feeling of anxiety and stress.

So the solution is simple. If you feel stressed out, then CUDDLE!

Powers you will reap in your overall health.

  • Cuddling Benefit for Bonds
    Skin-to-skin contact (cuddling) is critical to infants and children. Cuddling promotes trust, security and the peace of comfort. This is the same for your furry companions and partners.
  • Cuddling benefits the heart
    Back to the glory of oxytocin! Oxytocin levels when increased by hugging, kissing and cuddling lower blood pressure almost instantly!
  • Cuddling Aids in Pain Relief
    Let’s say you have a headache on a mid-afternoon workday and as your reaching for aspirin your office crush walks in. So, after chatting with them for awhile you try to get back to focusing in on work, only you keep replaying the conversation with your crush in your head. Finally about an hour later you realize that you didn’t take the aspirin for your headache…that is now gone…weird. Nope, that is the oxytocin. Basically, as the oxytocin level rises so does your pain tolerance!

What to do.

  • Free Hugs!
    Yes, that’s right, you don’t have to cuddle to get your oxytocin levels up. A simple hug with people you care about will do the trick! Make sure to stop and hug your loved ones every day. Spread the love in San Diego starting with the closest to you!
  • Pet your Pet!
    While cuddling gives us the feel good our furry friends can boast our levels even easier. Playing and petting increase our good vibes without getting hair all over our shirt. Don’t have a furry friend? There are great animal shelters that are looking for volunteers all over San Diego County!
  • Make the Move!
    Sometimes it is hard when deep in a relationship that has drifted apart to get back into the cuddle. Be daring and make the move for both of you and improve your health and renew your relationship by just cuddling! Two birds, one stop. Your welcome.
  • Massage, Yes please!
    Grab one of those dollar store hair play octopus looking things or get a professional full body massage. Either way, they certainly have great health benefits! Find your local massage therapist and treat yourself to a much deserved massage! You make sure your oil is maintained on your car, your house is clean, your kids are well taken care of, NOW it’s your turn!




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