The Scent of Healing


Published on March 15th, 2013

Do you ever smell a scent and it brings you back to that Christmas at Mom’s or catch a whiff of baby wipes and it takes you back to memories of your child’s infancy? We all have those certain trigger scents that bring warm memories flooding back. Aromatherapy works in a similar way.

Aromatherapy uses essential oils made from plants as an alternative source of relief for infections, stress, and other health problems.
It’s believed that just like the scents that trigger warm memories of the past, essential oil scents work in the same way to promote positive health. The receptors that detect smell in your nose communicate with your brain. If you smell something foul, you immediately back away and have a reaction. This is because the nose communicates with your body’s “filing cabinet”, the amygdala and the hippocampus, these areas in your brain file and maintain your emotions and memories.

Are essential oils really “essential”? How are they any different from me picking up a candle that says the same scent?

Essential oils are taken from roots, seeds, leaves and blossoms of plants; they are NOT made from chemicals in a factory. These are used to enhance physical healing, improve your emotional state and encourage relaxation. Quite the opposite of a harmful synthetic scent.

When you breathe in essential oils they stimulate your brain which enhance and influence physical, emotional, and mental health, emotional health. As an example, lavender has been found to stimulate areas of the brain in the same way that sedative medications work. In addition, lavender, rose, orange, lemon and more have been proven to relieve anxiety, stress and depression!

We found a fantastic local company that makes amazing aromatherapy products. Purity Apothecary, is a company that focuses on organic aromatherapy products. You can find them at your local farmers market or order online.

SDHL, personally recommends the Exotic Body Butter AND the lip balm our entire family asks for, Black Cherry!

Purity Apothecary, also recycles AND it benefits you! They have a recycling program. Once you are done with one of their amazing products just bring it back and get a stamp on their card. Once your loyalty/environmentally do-gooder card is filled you receive your next product on Purity!

Visit their website to order online or to find out the nearest location where you can pick up their goodies! Check out more of their products on our Facebook Purity Apothecary album.



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