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Published on January 19th, 2013

Are you a salmon fan? I would recommend trying the salmon patties from TJ’s. They are easy to cook, tasty and of course very reasonably priced! You can really get creative with these patties. I decided to make a lemon mayo spread to go on the burger bun along with lettuce. While the salmon was baking I would squeeze lemon on it which added even more flavor. Below is your TJ shopping list. Enjoy!

TJ’s – Hamburger Buns
TJ’s – Corn
TJ’s – Lemon
TJ’s – Salmon Burgers
TJ’s – Salad

Set salmon patties out to thaw for about 10 minutes so they are easy to pull apart. The package says to put oil on baking sheet and put patties directly on it to bake. I would disagree, if you have a baking pan that had a drip tray (meat is baked on rack letting the grease, etc drip to the pan below it – I got a great one from IKEA) use that instead so you aren’t scrapping that white substance off your patties once they are cooked. Bake as instructed. While baking, mix your salad and last microwave the corn (or boil, cooks choice).

I made a great sauce that included mayo and a lemon juice mix to go on the bun. I also added some of the salad from the mix to the burger.

Have a creative salmon recipe? Share it in the comment field below!



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