Yoga 101: Tips Before You Strike a Pose


Published on April 13th, 2013

There are many benefits to practicing yoga besides just breathing. Yoga is physical, mental and emotional! The human trifecta!

What is Yoga? Yoga is an exercise practice that focuses on deep breathing, stretching, and movements releasing the oh so hard to release, muscle tension. Yoga helps train the body to be aware and present of the current moment. Yoga increases oxygen to the muscles, organs and tissues. Not only does yoga relax you, but it strengthens the immune system. It causes the fight-or-flight response to shut down and the relaxation response to be turned on. It can also help with pain management, reduce anxiety and lower blood pressure among its endless benefits.

Off the mat, it can be difficult to stay focused and get rid of stress or toxins in the body. Due to this, many people enjoy yoga because it brings a mind-full living for them and releases toxins from the body. Remember, yoga is not a struggle but a surrender.

What flavor matches your needs?
There are several different types of yoga so be sure to do some “q and a” regarding the level of skill and which type works best for what you are trying to achieve.

What are you looking to get out of yoga?

Are you trying to melt the away the day? Well, then hatha which is more meditation and breathing focused may be for you.

Are you the athletic type? Try vinyasa and power yoga which build strength and endurance.

Of course, there is also the wild cards of yoga classes that you hear everyone rave about such as hot yoga (make sure you are in good health and stay VERY hydrated) to aerial yoga and karaoke yoga! Try each one, you may be surprised where you find your inner peace!

Successful Yoga-ing:

Stick with it. Find what works best for you and your schedule. Maybe that is a daily class to blow the stress from the work day off or a peaceful weekend class to start your weekend in the right frame of mind!

Snack Lite. A full tummy + downward dog = 🙁 Snack lite on raw food and nuts before your session if you have the munchies.

Shopping List. Look for cushion and a non-slip surface on your yoga mat to discourage the accidental yoga move, face plant. Bring a prop block, towel, and water bottle.

Full Closet and Nothing to Wear! Typically restricting workout clothes may not be the best. Yoga involves a wide range of body movements; to stay comfortable, wear something comfortable. There is a fine line however, remember to steer clear of loose shirts and shorts, you may expose more than you expected to your fellow yogis. Bare it all, on your feet that is, bare foot is best when practicing yoga!

A great local Yoga studio to check out is Yoga Six. They have a BEAUTIFUL, welcoming, comfortable and eco-friendly studio located in Point Loma. Not only are the yoga practices great so are the instructors. They are friendly, supportive and eager to share the experience and the gift of yoga to others.

Yoga is a great relaxing exercise that will help detox the body. It will elevate your mood and improve heart health by reducing stress. It will make you feel energized, relaxed, and stronger. Start your morning off right by getting up and making your way to Yoga Six to gain all the benefits that Yoga has to offer.

Yoga Six is a place to practice your workout, relax and enjoy the community.

What is your Yoga must have? Tell us in the comments below!



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