Healthy Valentine’s Gift Guide: San Diego Style


Published on February 10th, 2014

Valentine’s Day is this Friday? No way.

If you’re like us, then this holiday has sneaked up like a stealthy ninja! Here are some quick, unique, and HEALTHY/FIT Valentine’s gift options that will make your partner swoon.

Here are our top six picks to bring your sexy back…SD Healthy Living style.

1.  Does your honey pie like to cook? Does he/she like experimenting with new items and recipes? Give them a CSA box! CSA boxes are loaded with seasonal veggies that your honey can pick up locally. Grab the first box, tie a big red bow on it and call it a Valentine’s day!

Try these local CSA’s:
Suzie’s Farm
Seabreeze Organic Farm

2.  Is your better half in need of some TLC? Give them the gift of a super awesome chiropractic adjustment and/or a relaxing massage! They will come back feeling good, less stressed, and thankful!

Here are a few you can check out:
Dcompress Downtown 
Paradise Point

3.  Let’s get Physical, Physical…. That’s right, get hot and sweaty together doing these fun FITNESS activities.

Kick Boxing Class – Better than therapy. 🙂 There are a lot of great kick boxing gyms around San Diego. Here is a list of some in the San Diego area:

CKO Kick Boxing
Carlsbad – Title Boxing
The Boxing Club
Hale Holistic

CrossFit – A couple that CrossFits together, stays together. Here is a list of some in the San Diego area:

CrossFit East Village
CrossFit Mission Gorge
CrossFit San Diego
CrossFit Elysium
PB CrossFit
CrossFit 619

4.  Your relationship is unique and special so ditch the tired and overpriced red roses and give live herbs and/or veggie plants instead! Creative Bonus Points: Stencil their name and then “Farm” on a old crate with the live herbs and/or veggie plants in it. Bonus points – HIGH FIVE!

North Park Nursery
City Farmer’s Nursery

5.  Want to give the gift of quality time? Two words. Running Shoes.
No joke, most of us in San Diego have very busy lives but still enjoy working out! Don’t skimp on the quality time; knock both out with a morning or evening stroll with your honey.
Milestone Running
Laces Running

6. One-on-One Time in the… Kitchen.
Do some flirting while whipping up a great healthy meal together on date night!
Hip Cooks

So ditch the refined sugar, overpriced dinners, and yet another ugly stuffed gorilla and go for the healthy and thoughtful gifts above!



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