Who We Are

SDHL is an all-in-one advertising service for small business owners who cannot be everywhere at once! Instead of single effort marketing we leverage the power of group advertising; which allows us to keep costs low, attract large audiences, and drive more traffic to your business!

We have an amazing team of energetic individuals who travel San Diego to promote your business. We know you have a business to run and you can’t be everywhere at once and expect to keep your customers happy. SDHL promotes and plans for 5+ different events in any given day. We reach thousands of people every day to provide information on how to live a healthier life in San Diego.

Same theory applies to your online advertising! We promote many businesses, but none that compete with you at any time. We can give you 5x more clicks and traffic per advertising dollar than anyone else can offer!

With printer advertising you pay high dollar for printed graphics, which only lasts 30 days! We offer more for less and our reach is unlimited. Why pay for 30 days of advertising when you can join us and have advertisements that last forever!!!