Why Your Office Needs a Wellness Program

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Published on December 19th, 2013

An Office Wellness Program has so many advantages. Just to name a few you will benefit from lowered healthcare costs, increased employee productivity, increased employee  retention and morale, reduce employee absenteeism, and so much more.

In an article written on Forbes.com titled ‘Ten Ways Small Business Owners Can Lower Healthcare Costs‘, the third recommendation is to implement an Office Wellness Program. The article states that: A wellness program can be as simple or as elaborate as you want to make it. It can be anything from implementing an online tool that helps employees count calories to targeted speakers on specific diseases or health contests with prizes

So, by discussing with your healthcare provider about the wellness program you have implemented in your workplace you may be eligible for a large discount.

There should be no doubt that getting in shape will make your employees look and feel better. When individuals feel better about themselves they tend to be more productive and social with their fellow co-workers. Healthier employees have a stronger immune system, which will lower employee absenteeism.

So, if you are looking for a few ways to get started with your Workplace Wellness Program. You can take a look at our top 3 recommended Office Wellness Programs available:

1. SD Healthy Living Wellness Program


If you are a business located in San Diego, you need to be sure to checkout our wellness app that we have put together to help the Worlds Finest City in the World turn into the Worlds Fittest City. We have put together a great app that keeps your employees engaged, tracks their healthy activities, allows them to interact and challenge each other, and so much more. To get started in this program click here.

2. Sonic Boom Wellness


If you are looking for another solution for your wellness program, you can checkout Sonic Boom Wellness. They have built an app to help your company get in shape. check them out here.

3. Keas


Keas is another solution for your workplace wellness to start. They have put together a great system for helping your employees track their health and keep each other accountable for each others health.

So, whatever it is you are looking for in a wellness program you can be sure to find it in any of these 3 solutions. It’s no doubt that a workplace wellness program can do wonders for a work environment. So why not get started today and get a wellness program that fits your employees.



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